How To Recognize Hormone Imbalances In Men?

It's often easy to notice hormone imbalances in women, particularly because of menopause or premenstrual syndrome. But for men, recognizing hormone imbalances can be a challenge. These chemical imbalances can have deleterious effects on your body and mood, but they are often written off as a sour mood and nothing more.

Here are some key symptoms of a hormone imbalance in men and how you can work on balancing hormones for men and women.

Loss of muscle

One of the most common symptoms of a hormone imbalance in men is a loss of muscle mass and density. Many men naturally have a bit more muscle than women because of their testosterone production. But when these testosterone levels decline, muscle is lost and your skin might start to sag. This is common in older men but can affect anyone who experiences a change in their testosterone levels.

Changes in breast tissue

When a man is experiencing a hormonal imbalance, they may encounter a change in their breasts. Some men may grow breast tissue while others may experience breast tenderness. This is typically a sign of increased estrogen levels or lowered testosterone production.

Erectile dysfunction

One of the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalances in men is erectile dysfunction. After all, there are countless commercials and advertisements that target male sexual virility and libido. But hormonal imbalances can also lead to a decreased sex drive and even infertility. Balancing these hormones is the best way to achieve a healthier sex life.

Difficulty concentrating

Like women, men might also experience difficulty concentrating or forms of anxiety when their hormones are imbalanced. You might find yourself struggling to concentrate at work or find yourself dipping in and out of conversations.

How do I fix my hormone imbalance?

Balancing hormones for men and women are best done through natural hormone replacement therapy. With the help from a hormone doctor who uses a holistic approach, utilizing bioidentical hormone therapy is the best way to balance your hormones and right those wrong symptoms. Bioidentical hormone therapy is said to be safer than synthetic hormone alternatives. In fact, women who took synthetic estrogen and progestin had a 41% increased risk of stroke and a 29% increased risk of heart attack. In women, those who took estrogen and progestin were 26% more likely to get breast cancer.

Hormonal health issues can affect just about anyone. When you want to learn more about balancing hormones for men and women, rely on the bioidentical hormone doctors you can trust; take our hormone quiz at Balancing Hormones Naturally today to find out what bioidentical hormone therapy option will work for you.

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